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30 for 30 Youngstown Boys DVD

30 for 30 Youngstown Boys DVD

30 for 30 Youngstown Boys DVD

Made of 100% Plastic

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Youngstown Boys explores class and power dynamics in college sports through the parallel, interconnected journeys of one-time dynamic running back Maurice Clarett and former elite head coach Jim Tressel. Both emerged from the working-class city of Youngstown, Ohio-Tressel as the head coach who turned around the football program at Youngstown State-before they joined for a magical season at Ohio State University in 2002 that produced the first national football championship for the school in over 30 years. Shortly thereafter though, Clarett was suspended from college football and began a downward spiral that ended with a prison term. Tressel continued at Ohio State for another eight years before his career there also ended in scandal. Youngstown Boys features interviews from Clarett and Tressel, as well as Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Brown and former Ohio State QB Craig Krenzel. Directed by Jeff and Michael Zimbalist (The Two Escobars)
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